October 31, 2018

Finding the right hypnotherapist

How Do You Choose The Right


Your 10 Point checklist 

1.Do they have an Australian Government accredited Diploma in Hypnosis?


(This will ensure they have undertaken proper training and haven’t just completed a weekend course or received a questionable certificate over the internet.  
If they have Australian Government accredited training, they will be able to supply you with an Aust. Gov. Accreditation No. you can then check this on the Australian Government website and that the number features on their diploma that should be readily displayed to ensure they are registered. (EG See: HERE.)

2.Do they have an Australian Government accredited Diploma for Strategic Psychotherapy?  

Y N                              

(It’s important that your hypnotherapist has recognised training in current psychology. This will also be listed as part of their diploma if they have e.g. Diploma of Hypnosis and Strategic Psychotherapy 10450NAT listed HERE)


3.Are they a registered member of The Australian Hypnotherapists Association with a “CM” prefix to their registration number?  

Y N  

A “CM” signifies that the hypnotherapist has at least 500 Clinical Hours of practice under their belt. A “PM” prefix means they have not fulfilled 500 Hours yet. NO Registration means they haven’t supplied the bare minimum to the AHA to be an accredited practitioner.
(Look for “CMAHA” or “CM” preceding a 7 digit number. You can check HERE) 

4.Are they a registered member of The Hypnotherapy Council of Australia, the industry peak body?   

Y   N    

(You can check if a practitioner has met the HCA registrations standards HERE.)  

5.Are they required to continue a minimum level of education training to stay updated every year?  

Y N    

And do they have frequent supervision meetings with a qualified supervisor like all mental health professionals?  

Y N                 

(Members of the Australian Hypnotherapists Association are required to have ongoing CPD -Professional Development- and to participate in ongoing supervision sessions to maintain professionalism, competence and registration.)                  


6. Are their session prices and length of sessions clearly published on their website?  

Y N                                              

(Have they clearly published fees for sessions along with length of sessions so you can compare like for like.  Is one hypnotherapist charging the same for 1 hour as another is for 1.5 or 2 hours?)  


7. Do they have professional indemnity insurance for hypnotherapy?     



8. Do they work in conjunction with General Practitioners you can check with?  



9. Are they Health Fund Approved so you can receive rebates back from Health Funds that cover hypnotherapy?  


(Check with your Health Fund to see if the fund covers hypnotherapy.  See FAQ for list of participating Health Funds)


10. Do they offer a 20 Minute Obligation Free component at the beginning of the first session where you can ask questions and decide if you are happy to continue for the rest of the session?

    Y N

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