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Everyone gets stuck at one time or another. And occasionally we can all use a hand to get unstuck. So, let's start your journey of transformation together, today!
Phobias & Fears

Public speaking, Social phobia, Flying, Insects & Animals, Tunnels, Lifts – there are 100s of things and situations that different people find extremely difficult to deal with. And when our responses interfere with quality of life, it’s . . . (Click the icon above to read more)

Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Stress (and Anger)

Anxiety is not just a byproduct of modern life. Actually, it’s a strategy that our body uses to protect us. However when it’s not switched off, or it becomes our natural state, it starts to take a toll on our wellbeing and we need to intervene and correct the balance. . . (Click the icon above to read more)

Trauma & PTSD (& Disturbing Memories)

Sometimes, as children or adults, we find ourselves in situations that overwhelm us. And the effects may never quite leave us. So we can find ourselves catapulted back into painful memories & feelings, flashbacks & unwanted behaviours, or physical symptoms years, sometimes even decades later…(Click the icon above to read more)

Quit Smoking

QH has developed the special ‘1 + 2 program’ to help you kick the habit to the curb once and for all. Our customised blend of Hypnotherapy, NLP and Strategic Psychotherapy will equip you to resume your natural state as a non-smoker. . . (Click the icon above to read more)

Confidence & Self Esteem

There can be a multitude of reasons why we may feel lacking in confidence or self-esteem. Sometimes we’re treated poorly by circumstances or other people during our life. We take an emotional battering and feel our confidence is shattered. . . (Click the icon above to read more)

Grief & Loss (Other Changes in Life)

There are certain periods in life when we are confronted with huge life changes. Navigating these times can be easier with the right support. The most profound of which can be the passing of a loved one . . . (Click the icon above to read more)

Troubling thoughts & Limiting Beliefs

Whether it’s your performance or unhelpful thoughts or thiniking styles, if there is something blocking you achieving what you want to achieve, we can work with you to pinpoint what that is and dissolve it. Often we have unconscious patterns playing in our mind that trip us up . . . (Click the icon above to read more)

Depression & Insomnia

Do you ever wonder why you feel down, depressed, helpless, or basically unhappy? Or perhaps you can’t get to sleep? Waking up in the middle of the night? Like depression, sleep problems have various causes & contributors: lifestyle, physiological, anxiety-based and so on . . . (Click the icon above to read more)

Counselling & Life Coaching

From time to time, we all realise that we are not fulfilling our potential, with the same old issues dogging our steps. Solution Focussed Counselling/Coaching is designed to help you overcome any perceived blocks, whether in a professional or personal situation. . . (Click the icon above to read more)

IBS, Fertility & Health

Hypnotherapy is a safe and side-affect free method that has been shown to give relief from many physiological complaints such as pain, IBS symptoms, blushing, high blood pressure, some migraines, eczema, psoriasis, warts, asthma and . . . (Click the icon above to read more)

Change Habits & Compulsions

Like to control your drinking? Gambling? An addiction you would like to change ? Or perhaps you’d like to be free of obsessive thoughts and the compulsive activities you find yourself repeating over and over? . . . (Click the icon above to read more)

Relationship Issues

Relationships can be challenging. Whether its’ stages of a romantic relationship, a business relationship, a family relationship or a break up or loss. Sometimes we can get stuck and the emotional toll can affect . . . (Click the icon above to read more)

“Solved a 26 year old smoking addiction in 3 hours! . . . Can’t recommend him enough!” Raj, Cronulla (5 Star Google Review)


Seian is the Lead Therapist and owner of Quantum Hypnotherapy, the No. 1 choice in Sydney for Clinical Hypnotherapy and Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT). And now available across Australia and internationally online. And he loves his work: “Watching someone’s life transform in front of your eyes – really, how can I call that work?”

He has trained extensively with the Australian Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy (The Institute of Applied Psychology), The Center for Integrative Hypnosis (New York), The International Association of Generative Change (California), The Institute of Mind Science, The Institute of Human Technology, Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) with Dr Jon Connelly (Florida) , Beyond NLP, The Anglican Counselling Centre, and Uncommon Practitioners (U.K.). He is the ONLY Certified Advanced Practitioner of Mirroring Hands (the therapy developed over decades by the great Jungian therapist, Ernest Rossi), in Sydney. And he is one of the ONLY therapists in Sydney trained in both RRT for Trauma and the UK’s How To Stop Anyone Smoking System.

As well as seeing clients in his private practice, he worked alongside one of the Sutherland Shire’s most reputable and experienced GPs, Dr Valerie Parish, for 5 years.

Prior to becoming a therapist, he worked with teenagers and enjoyed a very successful and extensive career in the corporate world with Fairfax Media.

When he’s not in clinic, you can often find Seian tucked away in a local café in the area enjoying a coffee and writing, or down at the beach doing his best impression of surfing.

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Australian Hypnotherapists Association
Australian Hypnotherapists Association
Registered Member of The Australian Hypnotherapists Association.
The Australian Hypnotherapy Association is the largest and most prestigious association in Australia. The assoc. has rigorous standards for professional members including mandatory ongoing training and supervision.
Member Practitioner
RRT utilises innovative concepts, multi-level communication and specialised tools to resolve emotional disturbance and maladaptive behaviour. RRT changes how the unconscious mind processes information so that improvements are natural.
Health Fund Approved**
Health Fund Approved**
Registered Practitioner with participating Health Funds. See FAQ for details
As an accredited member of the Australian Hypnotherapists Association, Seian is Health Fund Approved for rebates from participating funds. **Make sure you check with your own Health Fund to see if you are covered.
Australian Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy
Australian Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy
AICH (Now The Institute for Applied Psychology), is the premier training organisation in Australia. The only RTO in Australia teaching Strategic Psychotherapy and endorsed by the creator of Solution Focussed Therapy. One of the few with government-accredited training.
Seian Mulholland
Seian Mulholland
Dip. Clin. Hyp. & S.Psych.;
Cert. Hypnosis;
Cert. NLP;
Cert. Integrative Life Coach (N.Y.);
Cert. Time Based Therapy;
Adv. Cert. Mirroring Hands
Seian has trained extensively with The Australian Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy, The Centre for Integrative Hypnosis (New York),The Mind Science Institute, The International Assn for Generative Change, The Institute for Human Technology, Beyond NLP and The Anglican Counselling Centre.
Why Quantum Hypnotherapy?

That's a great question! The simple answer is that Quantum Hypnotherapy is so much MORE than hypnotherapy.

Of course, you want the very best therapist with the most comprehensive training and skills. You want a registered STRATEGIC HYPNOTHERAPIST, a specialist hypnotherapist trained in Strategic Psychotherapy. But that’s just the beginning. What else?
Seian is one of the ONLY therapists in Australia trained and recognised in the cutting edge & transformative, Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT). And now, wherever you are in Australia or the world, you have the opportunity for transformation at your fingertips, to live life on your terms.

Our clients are always telling us how surprised they are that they at achieving life changes so quickly and easily. Working with someone who is not only a professional but also genuinely caring, makes the experience comfortable and enjoyable.

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Combining Strategic Hypnotherapy & Rapid Resolution Therapy – a 100% solution that’s tailored just to you!

What else should you know?
At Quantum Hypnotherapy your therapist is GOVERNMENT ACCREDITED
But aren’t they all, you ask? No. Surprisingly few hypnotherapists in Australia have Nationally Recognised Training.
HEALTH FUNDS, such as Australian Unity, will not cover a practitioner without an AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT ACCREDITED DIPLOMA.

  • Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis & Strategic Psychotherapy (10450NAT)

  • Trained in RRT (Rapid Resolution Therapy) 200 hrs+

  • Cert. Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Psychology

  • Cert. Integrative Life Coach (N.Y.)

  • Trained in Generative Trance by Dr Stephen Gilligan

  • Adv. Cert. Practitioner of Mirroring Hands

  • Cert. How To Stop Anyone Smoking

  • Cert. of Hypnosis

  • Cert. Time Based Therapy

  • Cert. How To Lift Depression Fast

  • Hypnotherapy

    is a very gentle and creative process of helping you achieve a focussed state where you can absorb new ideas and elicit exciting changes in your life. You get to re-write and update any software that is simply of no use to you anymore. And you are always in control of the process.

  • Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT)

    utilizes innovative concepts, multi-level communication and specialized tools to resolve emotional disturbance and maladaptive behaviour. RRT changes how the unconscious mind processes information so that improvements are natural.

  • Strategic Psychotherapy

    is a highly effective process of aiding you to identify and interrupt old patterns, see their mechanics, and easily make accelerated changes that neutralise what is not working and adopt new ways of interacting with your world. Strategic Psychotherapy works hand in glove with Hypnotherapy, amplifying your results.

  • NLP

    is Neuro Linguistic Psychology - The mind (neuro) regulates how our bodies function, language (linguistic) determines how we communicate with ourselves and other people, and our sub-conscious strategies (programming), determines the kinds of models of the world we create. NLP addresses change at these very core areas utilising safe and easy techniques for powerful, rapid change. And it’s fun!

Just a handful of our 48 5 Star Google Reviews

Mikayla MilevskaMikayla Milevska
09:49 01 Dec 22
I could not recommend Quantum Hypnotherapy enough! I don’t know how to put into words how comforting, caring and safe I felt throughout my whole experience, would highly recommend!!
Elijah OceanElijah Ocean
01:45 01 Sep 22
If I could give 10 stars I would. Seian is a godsend and goes above and beyond with his service. I am truely grateful that there are exceptionally skilled therapists such as Seian in this field. He is a true tactician. I would recommend him to anyone as you will receive EXCEPTIONAL value for your money.
Emma CoxEmma Cox
22:47 28 Aug 22
Seian is highly skilled and my time with him has been transformative. I have always felt safe and comfortable, and he’s very easy to talk to. I would highly recommend sessions with Seian to help with any problem, or improve performance across all aspects of life. It’s one of the best investments I’ve made and I wish I’d found him years ago.
Alexandra AitkenAlexandra Aitken
02:10 09 Aug 22
I have had incredible success after multiple sessions with Seian at Quantum Hypnotherapy. All sessions with Seian have left me feeling safe, comfortable, relaxed, calm and empowered.Seian is kind and professional. He remembers details from previous sessions and listens deeply to what you are saying and sharing, clarifying information along the way. It was so nice to feel understood and have my feelings validated and unpacked. Seian used a range of analogies to explain situations and emotional reactions. These were easy to understand and have really stuck with me, helping me in my day to day life.I highly recommend booking in to see Seian at Quantum Hypnotherapy.
Sonya TomicSonya Tomic
10:05 23 Jun 22
Seian is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about what he does!He genuinely wants to help improve his clients well-being and as a result doesn’t rush his sessions.His techniques have worked wonders for me and I would highly recommend his services.
Christine MorganChristine Morgan
06:47 26 Apr 22
I have recently had some sessions with Seian and he really understood me and the anxiety I have been suffering with. He was immediately engaged and there was a sense of deep connection to the issues I have been dealing with. Apart from the fact that he listens and explains things so well, Seian has the techniques and tools to really help to make a change to the entrenched patterns that can cause pain and suffering when we don’t address them.Thank you Seian for giving me the hope that things can be different and be better. I would recommend Seian absolutely.
Katherine LockKatherine Lock
09:30 24 Oct 21
Absolutely thrilled and amazed by the results (for my needle phobia) after only one session. Thank you, Seian!
Flogo Nurse (Flogo)Flogo Nurse (Flogo)
02:09 15 May 21
Seian makes you feel very comfortable. He's knowledgeable & explains things well, he's helped me in so many ways, I'll be returning.
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"I feel cared for, I feel supported and I feel motivated. Absolutely amazing." Barbara, Cronulla.
(Facebook Review)

Your Choice of Options

Check out the ‘4+Package’ below. 4 Sessions (6+Hours) for $730. Our Most Popular & saving you $160


First Session $260 and Approx. 2 Hours (Details Below)


  • ✓ * Initial Consultation approx. 2 Hrs $260. (That's $130 per hour!)
  • ✓ *Then each following session approx. 1.5 hrs $210
  • ✓ FREE Customised Audio Recording (if appropriate) for home use
  • ✓ **First 20 minutes of the Initial Consultation are FREE. If you decide Hypnotherapy is not for you the session ends, we refund you, no questions asked!
  • ~ Please note: Booking Deposit of $50 refundable up to 24 hours prior to session. Non-refundable for no-shows or any appointment changes within 24 hours in lead up to appointment.
  • ~ Not available for Quit Smoking (Quit Smoking is a set package)
1st 20 Min's Obligation Free

The 4 Plus Package

Our MOST Popular. The 4 Session Package (6+ Hours) SAVE $160.


  • ✓ Initial Consultation approx. 2 Hrs. The following 3 X Sessions approx. 1.5 Hrs (Total 4 Sessions)
  • ✓ Package $730 ($890 Value). SAVE $160. That's LESS than $115 per hour OR $182.50 per Session!
  • ✓ FREE Customised Audio Recording from each session (if appropriate) for home use
  • ✓ **First 20 minutes of your Initial Consultation are FREE. If you and your therapist decide Hypnotherapy is for you, you continue with your session. If not, the session ends at that point and we refund you, no questions asked! Simple.
  • ~Please note: Booking Deposit of $50 is refundable up to 24 hours prior to session. Non-refundable for no-shows or any appointment changes within 24 hours in lead up to appointment.
  • ~ Not available for Quit Smoking (Quit Smoking is a set package)
  • ~Valid up to 6 months from Purchase. Non-Transferrable.
4 Sessions SAVE $160

Coaching The Unconscious

12 Session Package (18+ Hours) SAVE $515. NEW by DEMAND.


  • ✓ Initial Consultation approx. 2 Hrs. The following 11 X Sessions 1-1.5 Hrs
  • ✓ Package $2055 ($2570 Value). Save $515. Approx. $110/Hr or $171.25 per Session.
  • 1. Sessions to Coach the Unconscious Mind: We coach the unconscious mind to release any areas blocking your growth or pursuit of your goals and then fine-tune your focus and progress towards your goals and aspirations, whether they be personal or business or in the arts or sport. OR
  • 2. Therapy to Coaching the Unconscious Mind: After you've achieved your initial therapy goal, (Anxiety, Weight Management, Depression, Grief, Habits, Goal Achieving, Relationships, Trauma, Medical Issues, Compulsions, Confidence & Self Esteem), we schedule the remaining sessions to coach you toward your goals and aspirations or, if necessary, just to keep you on track.
  • ✓ FREE Customised Audio Recording from each session (if appropriate) for home use
  • ~Please note: Booking Deposit of $50 refundable up to 24 hours prior to 1st session. Non-refundable for no-shows or any appointment changes within 24 hours in lead up to appointment.
  • ~Valid for 12 months from purchase. Non-Transferrable.
✓ The 12 Package. SAVE $515

Quit Smoking 1+2 Package

2 X FREE Follow Up Sessions (If necessary)***


  • One of only a few Sydney practitioners accredited in the UK "Stop Anyone Smoking" system.
  • ✓ Single Consultation approx. 3 Hrs.
  • ✓ ***2 X FREE 1 Hour Follow up sessions (1 + 2) if required within 6 months (Only available for Quit Smoking)
  • ✓ 10 X FREE "Stay Smoke Free" Hypnosis Recordings to keep you moving.
  • ✓ **First 20 minutes of Initial Consultation FREE. If you decide Hypnotherapy is not for you, we refund you, no questions asked!
  • ~ Please note: Booking Deposit of $45 non-refundable for no-shows or any appointment changes within 24 hours in lead up to appointment.
✓ 2 FREE Sessions (If needed)

5 Star Reviews

What our clients say

"I wouldn't see anybody else." Kate, Kogarah, NSW.

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