Updates During Health Restrictions

Sessions During Health Restrictions 

There are some changes to sessions. 

Can I still book and attend appointments?

UPDATE 21.9.21
Staff double vaccinated by October 1st. Clinic will take place with a HEPA 13 Air Filtrations System in service.  
If you are not vaccinated, please advise us at the time of booking. (For protection of staff, clients, and their families, we ask that if you are un-vaxxed that you follow NSW Health Guidelines and once restrictions ease, have a negative Covid test result within 72 hours prior to your appointment)
UPDATE 6.9.21
Vaccinated? From October staff are all double-vaxxed and will resume face-to-face consultations with social distancing and the other provisos listed below (UPDATE 12.8.21).  The only change will be that once you are in session, when you and your practitioner are both seated and socially distanced, then masks may be removed until anyone stands up and moves around again. You may book face-to-face via the online booking calendar on this site. (Yes, we will still offer ZOOM sessions if you prefer)
If you are not vaccinated, please advise us at the time of booking.
UPDATE 12.8.21

With the current situation we want to inform you that Seian will continue seeing existing clients face-to-face traveling within the Sutherland Shire LGA in line with the Australian Government Department of Health Guidelines re providers of mental health. New clients can book in for October via the online calendar. If restrictions ease before then, you are welcome to contact us and we will move your appointment forward if there is availability.  

Alternatively, if you would like a session via Zoom, please read the detail further on and contact us for availability.
As our primary care is to our clients and our staff there are some guidelines and information for you to be aware of in the current situation:
* If you have ANY symptoms, mild or otherwise, do not attend your session.  Get tested.  Go home. Contact us and we will re-schedule.
* If you have been a close contact or casual contact, or in a hotspot listed on the NSW Health website, do not attend your session. Get tested.  Go home. Contact us and we will re-schedule.
* On arrival, check in with QR code either outside or inside the waiting area
* Utilise the hand sanitiser on arrival and as much as you need in session
* Bring and wear your mask inside.
* Surfaces that clients and staff are likely to come into contact with will be sanitised between sessions.  
* Please bring your own bottled water if you think you will likely want a drink during your appointment. (Outside Co-vid times we normally supply glasses and a carafe of filtered water for client’s use)
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.  We look forward to seeing you soon.

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Older Updates from 1.4.20

What precautions are in place at the clinic?

For safety of staff and clients, the following is currently in action:-

  • Staff and those on the premises are taking their temperature daily
  • No contact between staff and clients such as handshaking etc.
  • Surfaces that a client  is likely to come in to contact with (door handles, arms of chairs, taps, toilet), are wiped down with sanitising wipes between appointments
  • Hand sanitiser is available in the waiting area and the therapy room though we encourage you to carry your own
  • Your therapist will be ensuring a space of 1.5 metres between faces



Online Sessions

If for any of the reasons outlined, or if you just prefer it, we can facilitate a session over Zoom (a platform like Skype).   To access this the following applies:-

  • Contact us to check if this may be an option for you, then. . .
  • We will send you a link so you can book and pay for your session – session to be confirmed and pre-paid within 24 hours of email sent to you or the appointment will automatically be re-released for others to book.  
  • After you have booked we will send you 2 links: 1 link to your Client Intake Form AND the 2nd will be your personal link to the session over Zoom, along with some simple instructions to ensure your session runs smoothly.

     What else?

  • Before your session, you will need to have checked that your microphone and speakers are clear and working 
  • You will need to be in a room lit well enough so your practitioner can see you on camera from the top of your head to your lap clearly
  • For the duration of your appointment your phone and other devices must be off and you will have to have made arrangements to be undisturbed for the duration, including family members, pets and work, or invasive noise such as renovations.  
  • Of course our normal standard practice policy applies for any refunds or change of times.  You may cancel or change appointment times up to 24 hours before your session and receive a full refund.  However any changes or cancellations within 24 hours before the scheduled commencement of your appointment will not be refundable as this does not give us enough time to fill the appointment.  (In case of a pre-paid package, one session of the package would be forfeited.)

If you have any questions at all about any of the above, feel free to email and we’ll get back to you promptly.

Update 7.4.20:  We’ve had a number of enquiries and clients come in over anxiety and other mood related issues that have been in response to the current situation with CoVid-19.  And yes, we are currently seeing clients dealing with these issues and emotional challenges so they can better navigate the weeks ahead.  So feel free to book in via the “Book A Session” tab, or the button, on the website homepage, or you might like to contact us if you have any questions. 

Update 1.4.20:  Sessions can still continue face-to-face  under the exemption of “Health and Care”, in accordance with the information below, with the restriction that only one individual may be in the therapy room with a therapist at any one time.  

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