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 Online Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) & Hypnotherapy sessions are available if you are not in Sydney, Australia, or are unable to attend for other reasons such as health. We have participants from all over Australia, UK, New Zealand, The Philippines and South Korea & Vietnam Zooming in every week.

       Your Appointment Booking

  • Read ALL the information on this page first. Then simply book your ZOOM session via our Online Booking System here.  (Make sure you select “Zoom Online Session”)
  • If you are unsure if what you will be attending for is appropriate online, email us here.
  • When you book, ensure you choose the “Initial Consultation – ONLINE via Zoom ” 
  • Once you  book your session you will automatically receive your confirmation and a ZOOM access code
  • You will then receive a second email with all the necessary information for your session and a link to your Client Intake Form

        What else is important?

  • Ensure you have downloaded and familiarised yourself with ZOOM and the audio and visual settings with your chosen mic and speakers well before the day of you session
  • Be Online and logged into your ZOOM session 5 minutes before it is due to start
  • Well before your session, you will need to have checked that your microphone and speakers are clear and working.  Your device plugged in and charged.
  • You will need to be in a room lit well enough so your practitioner can see you on camera from the top of your head to your hands on you lap clearly
  • For the duration of your appointment your phone and other devices must be off and you will have to have made arrangements to be undisturbed for the duration, including family members, pets and work, or invasive noise such as renovations.
  • If the connection drops out you can just log back in again. If you are unable to we will call you on your phone and once the connection is re-established the session continues.     


     The Fine Print

  • The balance of session to be paid before 24 Hours prior to the commencement of session. 
  • Our normal standard practice policy applies for any refunds or change of times.  You may cancel or change appointment times up to 24 hours before your session and receive a full refund.  However any changes or cancellations within 24 hours before the scheduled commencement of your appointment will not be refundable as this does not give us enough time to fill the appointment.  (In case of a pre-paid package, a single session of the package would be forfeited.)
  • No refund is available if any technical issues precluding the session taking place in full arise from the client’s side.

If you have any questions at all about any of the above, feel free to email us.


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