February 2, 2016


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What Does Hypnotherapy Cost?

With our ‘4+ Package’, cost works out to LESS than $110 per hour.  Even if you choose to Pay-As-You-Go the cost per hour works out at, less than $130 per hour over 4 sessions.  

. . .and don’t forget that the 1st 20 Minutes of your initial consultation are OBLIGATION FREE! If after that time you decide Hypnotherapy is not for you, we refund your deposit*. Absolutely RISK FREE!

There are 4 packages for you to choose from:

1. Pay As You Go – Your first appointment is $220 and will be Approx. 2 Hours. Follow up sessions are $185 each & will last between 1 – 1.5 Hours. Each session will include your personalised recording on USB (if appropriate) for you to continue to use between sessions and afterwards.

2. The QH Quit Smoking 1 + 2 PackageThe package is $445. Your appointment will last around 3 hours. You will receive 10 “Stay Smoke Free” Hypnosis Audios to use at home to cement in your return to being a non-smoker.
If for any reason you need more than one session, the package includes 2 extra 1 hour sessions that can be used within 6 months. Of course, these can only be used for you and for the issue of quitting smoking.
3. The 4 PLUS Package This is our MOST POPULAR one. (SAVE $135)
The package is $640 and is for 4 sessions which will generally amount to well over 6 hours.

Your first session will last between 1.5 and 2 hours and follow up sessions will be 1-1.5 hours.
You will receive a USB with a recording of each of your sessions for you to use between appointments, and afterwards, to bed down the changes and keep you progressing.
Most issues take between 4 – 8 Sessions depending on the complexity and how quickly you respond. (*The package is valid for 6 Months from date of purchase.)

4. Coaching The Unconscious Mind 12 Pack “To Keep You On Track!” – NEW by Demand! (SAVE $464)
We’ve been asked for this so much, we just gave in!  🙂  This is for those that really want to heap more and more benefits on top.  There are 2 choices and it’s all about. . .

1. Sessions to Coach the Unconscious Mind: We coach the unconscious mind to release any areas blocking your growth or pursuit of your goals and then fine-tune your focus and progress towards your goals and aspirations, whether they be personal or business, in the arts or sport. OR
2. Therapy to Coaching the Unconscious Mind: After you’ve achieved your initial therapy goal, (Anxiety, Weight Management, Depression, Grief, Habits, Goal Achieving, Relationships, Trauma, Medical Issues, Compulsions, Confidence & Self Esteem), we schedule the remaining sessions to coach you toward your goals and aspirations or, if necessary, just to keep you on track. .  

The package is $1791 and is for 12 sessions which will generally amount to over 18 hours. Less than $100/Hr
Your first session will last between Approx. 2 hours and follow up sessions will be 1-1.5 hours.
You will receive a USB with a recording of each of your sessions (if appropriate), for you to use between appointments and afterwards to bed down the changes and keep you progressing. (*The Package is valid for 12 months from  date of purchase.)


So how does all that compare?   It’s worth noting that Seian’s colleagues he trained with who operate in the CBD charge up to $330 per hour (Yes! Per hour, not even per session), so it’s definitely in your interest to go local and invest in yourself with Quantum Hypnotherapy at Caringbah!


✓ CLICK HERE for our 10 Point Checklist on “How To Choose The Right Hypnotherapist!”

Obligation FREE 20 min Consultation, how does that work?
The first 20 minutes of your initial consultation are obligation free.  This means that if after 20 minutes you or your therapist think it best not to proceed, you finish up then and there, no charge.  We refund your deposit no questions asked. Otherwise the session will continue for the full duration.

✓ CLICK HERE for our 10 Point Checklist on “How To Choose The Right Hypnotherapist!”

Can I Claim Hypnotherapy With My Health Fund?
YES!!!   As a registered AHA member, Quantum Hypnotherapy is Health Fund approved.  Of course, rebates are dependant upon your individual health fund’s policy on hypnotherapy and the level of cover you have chosen.   You will need to check this with your own health fund. If requested, we can provide you with a receipt and a provider number or AHA member number (as different funds have different requirements), so you can claim directly with your health fund. Below is the list of Health Fund providers that provide cover as of 2017 (conditions may have changed in the interim and some funds only cover certain things).  If your fund isn’t there, why not contact them and let them know that as a member you want your hypnotherapy covered?  You can use a form letter by clicking here.

AHM (Australian Health Management) Quit Smoking Only

Australian Unity  – (Since mid 2018, AU only pay rebates on policies held prior to 2018 which covered hypnotherapy.)

CBHS Health Fund

CUA Health Fund

Grand United Health

HBF (WA)(owned by BUPA)

Health Care Insurance Limited


Health Partners

Medibank Private – (Hypnotherapy rebates are only available to Medibank Private Members that were members prior to April 2011 and opted for package bonus.)

Navy Health Fund

NRMA Health Insurances (East Coast & Tasmania)

Phoenix Health Fund

Queensland Country Health

rt Health (formerly Railway and Transport Health Fund Ltd)

Reserve Bank Health Society

Teachers Federation Health

SGIC Health Insurance (SA and NT)

SGIO Health Insurance (WA)

How Many Sessions Will I need?

Hypnotherapy is a much faster form of therapy than many others, however, how many sessions varies. It depends on the complexity of the issue(s) involved, how quickly you are able to take on things and whether you engage with the tasking in between sessions. Having said that, each issue generally takes between 4 – 8 sessions. But again, this is just a guide. Your hypnotherapist can give you a clearer idea during your first session.

Is Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis Safe?

Yes!  Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy is a completely natural, gentle, and drug-free modality.  As trance is a common state of focussed absorption that we enter into every day when we watch a movie, read a book or drive somewhere and forget the actual trip, it is very safe.  If you are concerned at all, feel free to voice your concerns to your QH therapist.  They can start with a simple, open-eye mini-trance called Foveal Trance for you to ‘taste-test’.

Do you have much to do with other medical professionals?

Yes.  As well as working at a local family practice in Caringbah with a GP with a long and esteemed reputation, Quantum Hypnotherapy also assisted one of Sydney’s leading Professors of Rheumatology to lessen the stress-induced component of suffering for patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis and associated diseases. We also receive referrals from GPs throughout the Sutherland Shire and give presentations to groups of GPs such as Burraneer Family Practice. 

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What Makes You Different To Other Hypnotherapists?
  Since every individual is completely unique with their own world-view, their own personality, their own life circumstances, your therapy will be tailored to you.

Quantum Hypnotherapy combines Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Psychology and Strategic Psychotherapy as outlined in the “About Us” section.  There is ONLY ONE school in all of Australia that trains in Strategic Psychotherapy.  

Why is that so vitally important to you?  Because it’s from the interview portion of your session that your therapist will be able to unpack what sub-conscious strategies you are utilising that will need targeting within the hypnosis.

 Choosing a hypnotherapist not qualified by an Australian Government recognised qualification that includes Strategic Psychotherapy (10450NAT),  means you run the risk of missing out on someone skilled in identifying the component parts of “how” you are processing and thus, knowing how to help you make the subconscious mind-adjustments necessary for the real change that you want.

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Why Is Where A Hypnotherapist Trained So Important?

To date, hypnotherapy like a number of other therapies, is not a regulated industry.  The problem for the consumer is that they generally don’t know if they’re seeing someone who is properly trained, or someone that has been to a two-weekend course or even received a diploma online.  Hence, how important it is to ensure your hypnotherapist has an Australian Government accredited qualification.

Seian has trained extensively with Australia’s premier Hypnotherapy school.  From The Australian Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy he holds  an Australian government recognised diploma in Clinical Hypnosis and Strategic Psychotherapy (10450NAT)

The Australian Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy is:
+ The ONLY Cognitive and Solution Oriented Clinical Hypnosis training in Australia
+ The ONLY Australian school teaching Strategic Psychotherapy
+ Internationally recognised faculty, and
+ The school RECOMMENDED by the creator of Solution Oriented Hypnosis.

He has also trained with the New York Center for Integrative Hypnosis, The Institute Of Human Technology (Now “Institute of Applied Psychology”), Uncommon Practitioners (UK), and holds separate certificates as an Integrative Coach, a NLP Practitioner, a Time Based Therapy Practitioner & General Hypnosis practitioner.  And trained in counselling for a year with the Anglican Counselling Centre, Sydney.

✓ CLICK HERE for our 10 Point Checklist on “How To Choose The Right Hypnotherapist!”

How Do I Go About Booking An Appointment?
You can book online by selecting Book An Appointment in the main menu or by clicking the button on the home page, Book A Session.  

Once you receive an email confirming your appointment, you just need to go to the link provided in the email to fill out some details and submit asap prior to your session.  This will mean that we won’t be losing time while you fill out the form during your session.

All appointment changes and any cancellations must be made by phone a minimum 24 hours prior appointment. See: What is Your Cancellation or Change of Appointment Policy? in FAQ below.

What Is Your Cancellation or Change Of Appointment Policy?
Deposit for initial appointment
Deposit of $35 via online booking is refundable for cancellations or changed times up to 24 hours before appointment starting time. After 24 Hour mark this is non-refundable for changes, cancellations & no-shows and you will need to book afresh online. (NB Refund is total deposit minus any Paypal fee which is usually $0)

Pre-paid packaged appointment
Cancellation or Change of appointments during a package must be made by phone prior to 24 Hours before scheduled appointment. After 24 Hr cut-off 1 session of package will be forfeited.  
This is due to it being too late to fill your appointment time with another client.

Where Are You Located?

Main Clinic: Quantum Hypnotherapy
168 Caringbah Road, 
(Opp High Street)
Mon to Fri 9am – 5pm
Thurs 9am – 9pm                                                                                                                     
(Outside these times by special appointment)

Will I Lose Control In Hypnosis?

“One of the interesting ironies about hypnosis is that old fantasy that it takes away control,” says Dr. David Spiegel, Professor and Associate Chair of Psychiatry at Stanford University School of Medicine. “It’s actually a way of enhancing people’s control, of teaching them how to control aspects of their body’s function and sensation that they thought they couldn’t,” concludes Spiegel, as quoted by Newsweek.

Many people still associate hypnosis and hypnotherapy with losing control and making a fool of yourself. The misconception has evolved through the use of hypnosis for entertainment purposes, a term we call ‘stage hypnosis’.

Stage hypnosis uses volunteers who are very eager to be hypnotised. These are usually people who crave attention and do this by letting go with the excuse of being under hypnosis. The reason stage hypnosis can create a magical illusion of power is usually down to the hypnotist’s abilities to put on a show. In reality,  control remains with the person being hypnotised and they can choose to stop participating and come back to full awareness any time they choose.

For hypnotherapy to be successful, it requires cooperation and openess on your part. Again, it is important to understand that you are in no way altered or controlled during hypnosis. You remain 100% yourself throughout the whole process – your morals, beliefs, experiences and judgements remain completely in-tact from beginning to end.

What Does Hypnosis Feel Like?

The hypnotherapy experience is slightly different for each individual. The most common feedback we receive post-hypnosis is that clients feel at peace, positive, empowered, determined, motivated and relaxed at the end of the session.

Can I Be Hypnotised?

If you are willing to be hypnotised, then it is very likely that you can be. The reality is, we can experience the natural state of hypnosis in everyday activities such as watching TV, reading or drifting off when driving.

Research has suggested that approximately 5-10% of people have an incredible capacity to be hypnotised. An additional 5-10% find hypnosis difficult. The remaining 80-90% can enjoy hypnosis and can enter the state of hypnosis with relative ease, when facilitated by a trained Clinical Hypnotherapist. Therefore, the chances of hypnotherapy working for you are very heavily in your favour.  Even those deemed in that bottom 5-10% categorised as low-hypnotisable can learn to excel after only one or two sessions.

With the 'QH 1+2 Quit Smoking Package', am I guaranteed to quit smoking?

It is illegal under Australian Law to make any such guarantee. A consumer should be careful if an individual or company make any such claim.  At Quantum Hypnotherapy what we can guarantee is that if you are committed to giving up, we’ll give you our all to facilitate your change in becoming a non-smoker. Of course, you are always in control of your decisions. If you decide to continue smoking, no one is going to take that right away from you. Hypnosis is not mind control, despite some of the TV shows. We will give you all the tools for you to let go of the habit and smoothly manage any residual cravings. However, ultimately, the decision to remain smoke-free will always be yours.

Is Hypnosis Like Mindfulness?

Yes and No.

There are some similarities between hypnosis, hypnotherapy and meditation. Both practices involve a natural state of focus and absorption, and most often lead to a deep sense of relaxation and a clearer mind.

Strategic hypnotherapy however, puts this natural state to good use, by using it to resolve personal issues and problems. Quite often we will suggest mindfulness or meditation to clients with stress, so that they can enjoy ongoing relaxation and mental wellbeing once their course of hypnotherapy has been completed.

How Do I Know Whether Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy Is Right For Me?
That’s the beauty of your first FREE 20 MINUTES at the beginning of the first consultation.  We can talk about any lingering questions you have and if you still feel that hypnotherapy is not for you, then we can finish up there and you won’t spend a cent.

✓ CLICK HERE for our 10 Point Checklist on “How To Choose The Right Hypnotherapist!”

I've Tried Therapy Before. How Will Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy Be Any Different?
Strategic Hypnotherapy and RRT will be different to anything you’ve tried before because it employs multi-level communication:-

          • Strategic (Psychotherapy) will allow us to get right in underneath any hidden patterns and cognitive models that you may have running in the background.  Ones that you probably aren’t even aware of.  Together we’ll be able to see just where things aren’t operating as smoothly as they could be.  The beauty of this is that we don’t have to go back through all your history and bring it all up piece by piece.  We just go into as much depth as you are comfortable with and is necessary for your therapist to get a clear understanding of any old, unhelpful strategies you may still be using and how we can carefully adjust them.  Although we may need to attend to some of the past, we are generally looking toward your future.
          • *Hypnotherapy – Using modern hypnosis techniques we can talk to the unconscious parts of your mind where those processes are run that you don’t think about.  Things you may call autonomic, like breathing; or reflex, or how you tie your shoelaces without thinking about each movement.  Different parts of the brain are lit up under hypnosis making your brain more receptive and open to ideas.  You’ll make connections and enjoy creativity you won’t expect.  Crudely put, hypnosis super-charges the process for you.  And change can come a lot easier and faster than you expect.
          • *Rapid Resolution Therapy – RRT utilizes innovative concepts, multi-level communication and specialized tools to resolve emotional disturbance and maladaptive behaviour. RRT changes how the unconscious mind processes information so that improvements are natural.

What Is Your Refund & Cancellation Policy?

Booking deposit is refundable if cancellation is made by phone a minimum of 24 hours prior to appointment.  After this, deposit is forfeited and a new booking will need to be made via the website. (Refund is total of deposit minus any Paypal fee, usually $0)

If for any reason a pre-paid package is not fully utilised, then any unused sessions may be refunded only within 180 days of payment* & will take into account any transaction fees incurred as well as the initial session accounting for $220 of the package and subsequent used sessions $185 each. Again, any session cancellation must be made a minimum 24 hours prior to the appointment time by phone or the session and appropriate credit for it will be forfeited.
*The 12 Session Coach Pack is valid for 12 months from date of purchase.


If I Don't Find An Answer In The Questions Above, Can I Contact You?
Yes, of course. Please feel free to call or email Quantum Hypnotherapy if you have any queries or would like to see if your situation is something that we can help with. We look forward to hearing from you.

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