February 16, 2016

Coaching The Unconscious Mind

Coaching The Unconscious Mind with RRT

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Coaching The Unconscious Mind with RRT

From time to time, we can realise that we are not fulfilling our potential, and perhaps notice the same old issues dogging our steps.  Why?   Because our patterns and models of the way we do life are largely held in the unconscious part of our mind.  This is why COACHING THE UNCONSCIOUS is far more effective than the usual models of Coaching that just deal with the conscious mind.  

 Coaching with Rapid Resolution Therapy is designed to help you dissolve any perceived blocks, whether in a professional or personal situation, pinpoint your aspirations, and support you achieving the life you want for yourself, step by step.  Your life, Your way!    The model is also perfect for supporting you if you’re going through a  major life change – a time when one can feel very alone and isolated.

So, how does it work?

The process is dovetailed to your unique personality and situation. We map out how you interact with the world and yourself. Your personal maps, if you will. And we begin the work of gently re-designing in the areas where you want change.  Where you want to go.  At your pace.

hypnotherapy coachingHere Are a Few of the Benefits

  • Make a quantum leap in performance
  • Realise your true potential personally and professionally 
  • Finally remove any nagging issues that have held you back
  • Navigate a life change with help
  • Open Up Spaces For You To See Fresh Possibilities 

 The initial 2 hour session involves a conversation where together we ascertain: where you are; where you wish to progress to long term, medium term and short term; what the hindrances might be; the steps we need to take; any blind spots.  And we’ll get to work straight away.

   Once your goals are clear and aligned and the steps identified, your coach will work with Strategic Hypnotherapy and Rapid Resolution Therapy to begin the process of dissolving any limiting beliefs, behaviours or troubling feelings and installing new stratagems and feeling-states.  We work with you to develop a SMART plan that works for YOU! 

The format generally follows weekly sessions until we  have the momentum going.  Then we adjust to fortnightly or 4 weekly to review, adjust and fine tune.  The 12 session coaching package (See: Fees) makes the whole process affordable and gives you peace of mind that you have the guaranteed support you need for sustained change.  

The beauty of the process is that it can cover one part of your life or your whole life: personal, professional, social, and is agile in focussing on what might be missing to get to the next step. 

   Many organisations sanction and encourage working with a success coach to break through whatever blocks or issues – regardless of the context (business, personal growth or education) – which prevent you from being your best.

So Is It Therapy Or Is It Coaching?

   Yes, to both. Coaching The Unconscious with RRT provides you with the most transformative work in the shortest amount of time. This very successful technology moves beyond therapy to “personal consulting”.

Hypnotherapy Coaching For Success

   The format used is solution-focused and while we will clear up any patterns or ways of ‘being or seeing’ that no longer serve you, the goal will be to open up new possibilities. RRT Coaching is very experiential and mixes Rapid Resolution Therapy, Hypnotherapy, NLP and Strategic Psychotherapy – and it’s enjoyable!

   Your coach delivers sessions designed to evaluate the problem while focusing on the solution. We’ll journey with you to clear up the past and build a compelling and healthy future, often a very quick process in comparison to other psychological therapies. This is because the focus is on the outcome and the techniques for change are swift and surprisingly comfortable to integrate.

   Questions provide the opportunity to discover hidden treasures, if we take the time to answer them. A wise man once said, “ The answers are the easy part; asking the right questions is the key.”

So What About Counselling?

  Yes, we sure do provide counselling for all the topics listed in the “Services” section of the website.  Again, we work within a solution-focussed framework and RRT to have you release and leave behind any issues that have been dogging you and gently freeing you up to move forward into a future that is where you want to be heading.  Your best future.  But only at the pace at which you are comfortable.  

Still not sure?  Why not call us if you want to have a chat first?

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