February 16, 2016

Can Hypnotherapy Help Me With Confidence & Self Esteem?

Improve Your Confidence

            & Self Esteem

Would you like to feel more comfortable in your own skin?  How about social situations or speaking in public?   Imagine not finding yourself feeling panicky.  How about not worrying about what other people are thinking?  Or feeling more confident in any of the following areas of your life? 

confidence 7

Sometimes how we see ourselves is not a true reflection, but distorted by feelings and beliefs we need to adjust.

  • With Men
  • With Women
  • In class
  • At work
  • Teaching or Presenting
  • Self Belief
  • Changing Careers
  • Job Interviews
  • Meeting People
  • Trying something new
  • Exams
  • Sport
  • Family
  • Everyday Life, even the so- called “simple things”

 Yes? Quantum Hypnotherapy in the Cronulla Sutherland Shire can help!  Oh, but first. . .

STOP PRESS: This Is So Very Important.  Ready? – “It’s NOT you!”

   That’s Right!  Low Self Esteem, or not feeling confident, is NOT who you are.   Seriously! It is not an unchangeable fact about you. It’s not like the colour of your eyes or your height. It’s a verb. A cognitive process. A way of viewing yourself and the world that you’ve picked up along the way somewhere. And like any verb, it’s changeable.  Immanently changeable!

The ‘Why?’ Isn’t Always As Important As The “How?”

   There can be a multitude of reasons why we may feel lacking in confidence or self-esteem.  Sometimes we’re treated poorly by circumstances or other people during our life. We take an emotional battering and feel our confidence is shattered.

   Or perhaps our young, formative years weren’t as supportive as they could have been.  And even if our circumstances have changed for the better, or the people that no longer have direct influence over us anymore, we still may feel the effects years, even decades later, like an imprint has been left on us.

And very often we might even pick up from where they left off and take on the role of self-critic, without even realising it: there’s that voice in your head telling us that, “you’re not like such-and-such”, or “not as pretty as so-and-so”, or, “you can’t do that, you’ll fail and look stupid”, or “you’re not good enough for him or her”. Like a scratched record going around and around, playing the same old track that is completely out of date.

What Will We Do In Hypnotherapy?confident-woman-smile

   So, if we go back to the scratched record metaphor – we’ll be lifting the needle off the record and examining the tracks. Any self-limiting beliefs, or outdated tracks that no longer serve you. Then, together we’ll decide what might be more current and useful tracks for you. Perhaps re-discover some that have been locked away.

   We’ll work on updating the tunes that will move you toward playing more of the music that will have you dancing to the life you want. Living the life that you want.



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