February 16, 2016

Can Hypnotherapy Help Me With Weight Control & Sugar?

     Quit Sugar & Control

Your Weight

If we lump together a 21st century lifestyle spent sitting in front of electronic screens for hours and hours and consuming  modern, processed foods, is it any wonder that it’s increasingly difficult focus to achieve a healthy body weight?  We all see the TV news – obesity rates are soaring in Australia and the rest of the West. Just ask Jamie Oliver.  So what do we do?  Sugar is a start!  And Quantum Hypnotherapy located conveniently in the Cronulla Sutherland Shire  can help!

But Why Sugar? Isn’t The Problem With Fatty Foods?

   Now, I’ll resist the temptation to plaster the research about fructose in the form of sugar and it’s chronic affects on the body, here. But if you chose to look up ‘insulin resistance’ and how it affects your body and losing weight, as well as research on how fructose allegedly feeds tumours and may be linked to auto-immune diseases, well, would that be such a bad thing?


“Paul van der Velpen, head of Amsterdam’s health service, said that sugar is ‘the most dangerous drug of our time’.”

   However, allow me to quote from the UK Daily Mail in September 2013: “Paul van der Velpen, head of Amsterdam’s health service, said that sugar is ‘the most dangerous drug of our time’.”

   And the author of “I Quit Sugar For Life”, Sarah Wilson,

“When I quit sugar, I treated it as an invitation to try out a new way of living – you know – see how it went. It went well, thanks! My health was transformed and in a matter of weeks I experienced mood change. Actually, more accurately, I experienced a mood stabilization. Since quitting sugar I’ve experienced a steady, calm happiness that has previously eluded me.”

Okay, So What Doesn’t Willpower Work When Trying To Lose Weight Or Quit Sugar?

   Well, willpower is fine . . . until you have a bad day at work, or you’re tired, or you’ve had an argument with a family member, or it’s Mary’s birthday at weight malethe office, or you get home late, or. . . Then the emotional brain takes over. “I know I shouldn’t but. . .” And that ‘but’ is the start of the internal battle, isn’t it?  Let the negotiating begin!

   It’s a bit like being on a boat that has its autopilot stuck on ‘North’ but you really want to head ‘East’. You can turn the wheel ‘East’ and as long as you hang onto it, you’ll head ‘East’. But as soon as you let go of the wheel for a moment, you’re back heading North again. And let’s face it, holding onto that wheel, well it just eventually wears you down.

What Will Work?

   A Gently Paced Lifestyle Change. We will identify the changes you want to make, how they can be achievable without you falling into overwhelm, pinpoint the areas that will be particularly challenging so we’re ready for them, and leverage a comfortable, step-by-step process that will start you moving in the right direction. And allow the momentum to increase like the proverbial snowball.

    “. . .generally between 8 – 18 sessions, starting      weekly for 4-6 at the beginning, then fortnightly,  and monthly until the new lifestyle pattern is  bedded down and just a natural way of living…”

Break It Down For me

   Most importantly, we’ll uncover your trip-up points. It’s our mind that is usually ‘hungry’, not our stomach. Let me just say that again: It’s our mind that’s usually hungry, not our stomach.

weight-lossAs I mentioned earlier, every one of us embarks on an internal negotiation before we consume something that is probably not helping our cause: I really shouldn’t but. . . Or we negotiate our way out of going for that walk: I know I should, but. . .

Together, we’ll pinpoint the default processes your mind uses (often unconsciously), that preclude you from achieving the change you really want. We’ll then go about adjusting them so those critical choice point moments begin to work in your favour, instead of against you. And you can be in control again.

So What Do You Recommend?

   Usually with lifestyle changes that inweight_scaleclude diet and exercise  we generally see clients for 8 – 18 sessions, starting weekly for 4-6 at the beginning, then fortnightly, and monthly until the new lifestyle pattern is bedded down and just a natural way of living. But everyone is unique and each program will be tailored specifically to you and your unique circumstances. It’s all about what works for you!

   If you’re ready to take that next step now, your first appointment with a FREE first 20 minutes to decide if Strategic Hypnotherapy is for you, is only a click away.

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