April 12, 2023

Rapid Resolution Therapy

Rapid Resolution Therapy 

Quantum Hypnotherapy is so much MORE than therapy or hypnotherapy. 

Of course, you want the very best therapist with the most comprehensive training and skills. You want a registered Strategic Hypnotherapist.  But what else? Seian is one of the ONLY therapists in Australia trained and recognised in the cutting edge & transformative, Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT). And now, wherever you are in the world, you can experience the transformative power of RRT.

Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) developed by Dr Jon Connelly, utilizes innovative concepts, multi-level communication and specialized tools to resolve emotional disturbance and maladaptive behaviour. RRT changes how the unconscious mind processes information so that improvements are natural.

The Following is from the RRT website    

“Life experiences may trigger a cascade of painful emotions, limiting beliefs, and destructive behaviors that can seem impossible to resolve. Attempting to bring enduring change without eliminating the influence of past events would be like trying to repair the structure of a building by applying a coat of paint.

With Rapid Resolution Therapy, the mind is cleared of negative beliefs, reorganized to see new possibilities, and stops regretting the past and dreading the future. Negative habits and painful emotions are replaced by positive feelings and actions. Freed from the grip of past events, blocked energy is released so that physical and emotional healing can take place. Once the conflicts in the unconscious mind have been pinpointed and cleared, the desired change is automatic and lasting.

Resolution Therapy offers a way of thinking, a shift in perspective, a different point of view. The RRT perspective offers participants a useful way to see more clearly, and as it makes sense to, an opportunity to apply this way of thinking to their own situation. This shift in perspective, shared as psycho-education about how the mind works, provides participants with a new foundation by which they can begin to change and improve emotions, thoughts, sensations, impulses, habits, and behavior so that they can better navigate their way in the world.

The RRT perspective is derived from the idea that the prime directive for all life forms is first to survive and then thrive. The highest priority of the mind is always to avoid what would destroy continuation. For humans, this prime directive may also extend to one’s offspring, one’s community, or the world at large.



    Rapid Resolution Therapy

To survive and thrive, the mind causes behavior/reaction to happen within our bodies and minds. This includes heartbeat, digestion, respiration, circulation, temperature regulation, but also emotion, thought, impulse and habit.

These external and internal behaviors are controlled by the autonomic (involuntary) nervous system. As such, they happen automatically and do not require conscious thought to control or turn them on and off.  

Since the mind operates the autonomic nervous system and causes these behaviors, we can use the mind to shift them, increasing healing in the body, mind, and even relieving physical pain. RRT utilizes communication with the participant in a way that speaks to the deeper level of the mind, both conscious and subconscious, which allows for change to occur within the whole mind, not just the intellectual part. It is a precise, gentle, and even enjoyable method of clearing emotional and physical disturbances, allowing the nervous system to experience more ease in life.”  

(Source: www.rapidresolutiontherapy/rrt-perspective)


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