The 12 Session Hypnosis Coaching Pack by Popular Demand

You Asked For It!  The Hypnosis Coaching Pack Has Landed.

“I’m thrilled with my results.  Don’t you have some kind of package so I can come back every month or so and we can fine tune?”

“I know you said this is solution focussed brief therapy, but I’d like to have a session every month or six weeks to keep me on track. Is that possible?”

“My goals and life are changing so I want to have something ongoing now I’ve achieved my first goal.  Maybe for 6-12 months?”

“What we’ve done here is amazing, but I’d still like to check in and have a session every once in a while – do you have anything like that?”

 Yes, we got the message.  And now we’re offering something for our clients who want to keep evolving their lives to even greater possibilities.

It’s funny, most of us are smart enough to get our cars serviced every so often so they don’t break down in th middle of the Harbour Bridge, or 20 kilometres outside Broken Hill at 3am in the morning.  But what about when it comes to taking care of our most precious asset – ourselves?   

It’s very common for people to seek out help from a doctor or therapist or coach when they’ve reached “break-down” point.  The engine’s smoking, the suspension’s gone and two tires are flat.  And it means that often they’ve had to endure a lot of suffering they might not have needed to, maybe lose of health or relationships in the middle of it all.  And yes, we all can learn from these periods but sometimes, with some regular maintenance, you can make even greater discoveries without having to have the engine fall out or the body rust away.

And often we find that once our clients are back on the freeway again,  zooming along, they tend to see the wide open landscape of their lives like never before.  And when this happens they realise that they want to travel new, exciting highways and experience places they never even dreamed that they might before – well, you get the analogy.

So yes, this is where the “12 Session Coaching Pack” comes in.  We use the first few sessions to dissolve the problem and start getting the car back firing on all cylinders.  And then, when we’re cruising,  we start to look at some long term goals and possibilities.  The creative process, lifestyle changes, things that may be missing, or perhaps working on other areas and developing parts of your life that will make living an even greater and more exciting adventure.   Or you can use the package to keep yourself on track and make sure you’re topped up and well-tuned, life is smooth, and you’re equipped for any potholes.

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Perhaps you’ve come for weigh management and after 4-6 sessions you’re hitting your goals with ease.  But perhaps just knowing that each month you’ll be checking in and can work on improving your results, making some changes in other parts of your life, or just feeling supported and accountable, may be exactly what you need right now.   And that’s the feedback we’ve been getting.  

So, whether you decide to take that step to change an issue in your life like a habit, weight management, dealing with a trauma, a loss, anxiety, increasing performance, anger, relationship issues, self esteem or self confidence, even depression, taking advantage of the “12 Session Coaching Pack” can give you peace of mind that you have someone there working and supporting you as you settle into a wonderful new phase of your life! 

If you’re ready to  take that next step now, your first appointment with an OBLGATION FREE first 20 minutes at one of our Sutherland Shire clinics is only a click away.  Choose the “Fees” tab for all the details on the Coaching 12 Pack.

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