Hypnotherapy For Panic Attacks

“What, me Panic?”  Hypnotherapy for Panic attacks.

“One moment I was sitting in my office thinking about a deadline and the next I felt like I was going to die. I started sweating, my heart was pounding, I was shaking and hyperventilating.” Even remembering it made Tanya tearful.

Panic attacks can come and go quite quickly. Usually a build up of higher-than-usual stress over time that finally spills over. And they can leave you feeling stunned and shaken. Afraid of the next one.

Here’s the surprising thing – panic is perfectly normal. You are not a freak. You don’t have a neurological disorder. In fact, it can be simple as your body’s “house alarm” just going off at the wrong time and re-setting it.

But let’s back up.  What is a panic attack?  Consider this: A lion approaches you in the jungle. Your heart rate increases to get blood moving to your muscles, adrenalin pumps into your blood stream preparing you for action, your analytical brain takes a back seat and resource diverts to the “Flight or Fright (or Freeze)” part of your brain.  Your body sweats to cool you and your breathing rate becomes short and sharp, increasing oxygen into the blood. All things that happen to us when we engage in intense exercise at the gym, for instance. All things our nervous system has evolved to do to keep us safe in the right circumstances.

But when our body is primed for action (to run from the lion or defend ourselves) and instead nothing happens, the body’s “house-alarm” can begin to get confused. It can begin to get tripped when there actually is no real danger. Kind of like the house alarm going off because of the family cat rather than an intruder. And if we begin to develop a fear of the symptoms themselves, those intense-exercise-symptoms, that fear can begin to maintain the pattern of false-alarms. Indeed, if we start to avoid certain places where we may have have felt the panic, say the supermarket, our brain may start to get the hint that supermarkets are dangerous places, then generalize even further to places where there are a lot of people. Avoiding may seem like a way to survive, but it actually keeps the pattern alive and re-enforces it.


The good news is this: we can ‘re-wire’ the alarm system. Through a variety of uncomplicated techniques including hypnotherapy we can work together to diminish the ‘false-alarms’ and begin to make relaxed friends with your body. We work to get you back in balance, giving your mind and body a break. Afterall you deserve feel safe in your own home.

Tanya had lost someone close, was having increased demands laid on her at work with the prospect of redundancy and her relationship wasn’t going well at home.  Eventually the build up of normal stresses to abnormal levels over a length of time just spilled over in the office one day.  But she decided to get some help, take back control, and today when she feels anxious she smiles, and with a glint in the eye, even says in her mind, “Hello, old friend. What do you want to tell me, today before I send you on your way?”

If you’re ready to keep the exercise responses just for the gym and take that next step now, your first appointment with an OBLGATION FREE first 20 minutes at our Sutherland Shire clinics to decide if Strategic Hypnotherapy is right for you is only a click away.

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