July 18, 2021

Can Hypnotherapy Help Me With Grief and Loss?

Grief  & Loss

Grief and loss are a universal phenomenon and happen to us all at some stage in our lives. And we are never prepared for it when it comes. Whether it’s a family member, a partner, a friend, even a pet, there is usually a strong emotional impact. And the pain can be overwhelming, sometimes the questions and guilt endless.

 Hypnotherapy and counselling for Depression in Taren Point Grays Point Loftus EngadineIn society we are unconsciously taught that grief is supposed to happen in a particular way, and look a particular way, and  have a particular duration. The thought of not suffering can feel like a betrayal.  Or that if we are not in pain we mustn’t have loved them enough. For others the final moments can get stuck and this is what stays with them at the forefront of awareness causing ongoing suffering. 

   Is there an alternative?

 Yes.  In fact discovering the suffering (grief) has actually clouded someone’s ability to “grieve” effectively, and in a way that truly honour’s the loved one, can be quite  liberating  and beautiful.  And for others, if the latter part of the experience has been traumatic and their mind has been stuck there like a record on the same groove,  the possibility of freeing from that can be life-changing. 


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