February 16, 2016

Can Hypnotherapy Help Me With Insomnia?

Insomnia & sleep


Can’t get to sleep?  Waking up in the middle of the night for a period before dozing off again?  Or waking up in the early hours and can’t get back to sleep? Frustrating, isn’t it?  Many people have two of the above problems, or even all three.  And QH Sutherland Shire Hypnotherapy can help!

   Sleep difficulties have various causes: lifestyle, physiological, anxiety-based and so on. But if they persist over an extended period they often begin to impact our work and relationships sand yes, our health.


     What causes insomnia?
   Insomnia has many causes which can include:-

 *Some medicines and drugs e.g. asthma or blood pressure medication, caffeine, alcohol or smoking.

 *Chronic pain and other uncomfortable illnesses

 *Stress at work or in your personal life


 *A friend or loved one passing away

*Anxiety and worrying, including worrying about not getting enough sleep 

  *Another sleep problem (Such as Sleep Aponea, Bruxism, Narcolepsy, Sleep Hypovenilation etc)

 *Hormone fluctuations (e.g. Cortisol released when you are on the cusp of sleep).

 ……And  if there is no obvious cause, we tend to refer to   this as Primary Insomnia.

So What’s the first step?

   The first thing you’ll be asked at Quantum Hypnotherapy is, “Have you seen your medical practitioner?”   Why? Because it’s imperative we rule out such possibilities as Obstructive Sleep Aponea and Sleep Hypoventilation before we go any further.

And Step 2?

   The good news is that Hypnotherapy has a track record of being very effective in this area.  Hypnosis is a completely natural and safe way to restore normal, healthy sleep patterns and has the advantage of being drug free.

   The sleep patterns of a significant proportion of people with insomnia are disturbed by:      

 1) Cognitive overactivity and conditioned habit patterns incompatible with sleep; and                                        2) Central nervous system excitation and underlying or unconscious conflicts or fears that disrupt sleep. And these two areas where you are likely to receive substantial benefits from hypnotherapeutic interventions.


   Once the physiological possibilities I mentioned earlier are ruled out, we’ll start to examine the nature of your pre-sleep and inter-sleep patterns.  This will be base camp and determine the cause of action we take. We’ll uncover any patterns, psychological variables and environment factors (sleep hygiene), and address them utilising a program of targeted hypnosis techniques.

And Step 3.

   You’ll receive your own personalized hypnotherapy session recording to use at home and be taught one or two protocols to practice before sleep to create a hypnogogic state. The audio will continue the process, reinforcing and conditioning in the trancework of calming down any automatic processes that kick in at night and creating new, relaxing modes of falling into a deep refreshing sleep.

   Finally, you will be taught simple self-hypnosis strategies that you can engage with when you are readying yourself for sleep. This is where you will take control of the process completely. And drift away. . .

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